You’ll find us to be engaging speakers for your conference or event.

We have spent many years delivering our messages from stage in front of groups large and small, both across the UK and abroad. Although we’re both accomplished speakers individually, we particularly love presenting as a duo, which we’ve done together since 2003.

We’re told that as a couple, we deliver on stage seamlessly. As partners in business and in life, we’re living and breathing our passion for helping people progress towards the outcomes and experiences they want to achieve. It’s a way of life for us. It adds a whole different dimension to a keynote (or conference workshop) to have the two of us enthusiastically and professionally delivering together in such natural and free-flowing way. In terms of connection with an audience, the male-female combination on stage helps ensure that the message gets through easily and effectively to all who are participating.

Although we can also speak on other topics, our current main keynote (which can be extended into a conference workshop) is on the topic of ‘Pink Bucket Thinking’

The concepts involved can apply to all areas of business and life – it is all about making better thinking choices to achieve better outcomes and experiences. We have considerable experience delivering to business owners, managers, leaders, salespeople, teams, trainers, coaches, HR professionals, therapists and also at public events with people from all walks of life attending.

All attendees can be provided with either a free e-book – the pdf version of our book ‘Pink Bucket Thinking’, or you can purchase paperback copies if you prefer them to walk away with a copy in their hands. They can of course also access our 52 video clips that accompany the book – we can provide a link to the playlist or they can access it from our website here

We are also happy to deliver on webinars and other virtual conferences if that is your preference.

We’re both proud members of the Professional Speaking Association (PSA).

To hire us for keynote speaking or a workshop at your conference or event, please call one of us on our direct mobile numbers, Julie: +44(0)7989 991 056 or Tony: +44(0)7989 469 570 to discuss your specific needs and desired outcomes. Or go to our contact page.

We are available to speak at events both nationally (UK) and globally … and also virtually.

Warmest wishes

Tony Burgess and Julie French

Authors and co-developers of Pink Bucket Thinking

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