About Tony Burgess and Julie French, founding Directors of Academy of High Achievers Ltd and co-developers of Pink Bucket Thinking®

Principles at the ‘heart’ of all that they do:

  • Encouraging strong ethics in using powerful tools
  • Operating from a place of love and unconditional positive regard for all
  • Showing up with authenticity and congruence
  • Making learning and development fun
  • Respecting the experience, wisdom, talents and skills that people bring with them
  • Providing ongoing support to apply learning
  • Helping people to stretch out of comfort zones
  • Being flexible and doing whatever works!
  • Making things simple so people can begin to apply what they learn straight away
  • Being outcome focused to get best results and experiences
  • Encouraging contribution and Random Acts of Kindness
  • Going the extra mile
  • Seeing the diamond in people and helping them shine
  • Living life to the full by doing what you love and loving what you do
  • Committing to life-long learning
  • Enjoying being the best you that you can be

Tony Burgess

As an experienced specialist in personal and professional development, much of Tony’s time is now spent delivering performance-enhancing and life-enriching programmes for people who are hungry for more wellbeing, success and fulfilment in their lives. Tony has trained and coached business leaders, teams, entrepreneurs, educators, students, sports people and members of the public to help them tap into and release the full potential of their personal resources, preparing them to attain whatever outcomes they set out to achieve and much more besides.

Tony has a degree in psychology and for more than two decades he has specialised in helping people to thrive in their endeavours by teaching them powerful ‘mental and emotional fitness’ techniques and offering them super-effective connection and communication tools. He is currently Head of Trainer Training for Havening Techniques®. Tony is very experienced in using a powerful blend of applied psychology and he often draws on his expertise in the areas of NLP, DiSC® and Havening in his work. He regularly works one-to-one with clients, offering both therapeutic support and coaching. As a firewalk instructor, Tony has seen the massive benefits people can gain by expanding their comfort zones. He often trains and coaches other people-development professionals (coaches, trainers, therapists, consultants, medical practitioners …) and loves the fact that this starts many positive waves that carry benefits far into the world.

Tony’s core principles to guide the way he lives his life are ‘living fully alive’, ‘making a positive difference’, ‘loving kindness’ and ‘inspired action’ and by congruent example he constantly strives to inspire others to ‘shine’ brighter.

Julie French

Building on a successful career as a senior manager leading large teams, managing multi million pound budgets and operating at board level, Julie now works with companies and organisations that are going through change and need to improve their internal relationships.

Her specific expertise is in people management, handling conflict and effective communication. Julie is an outstanding executive coach. She’s a certified master trainer in Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), a certified trainer in Everything DiSC®, a certified Havening Techniques® trainer, a certified professional speaker and also a firewalk instructor.

Combining exceptional listening skills with a creative and empowering approach, Julie assists organisations and individuals to realise their vision.
Julie loves life and one of her great characteristics is in ‘exploding warmth’ wherever she goes!


Tony and Julie deliver as a dynamic duo as often as possible. Although they are very accomplished at speaking and training independently, there is something really magical about the way they present as a couple.

Because their messages are a way of life together for Tony and Julie, rather than just a business offering, you really get to experience them in their flow when you enjoy their joint delivery.

Tony and Julie are authors of three books – all available on Amazon

Oops I dropped a vowel

Tony and Julie’s experience and expertise can be applied to help you (and your team) reach your full potential in 3 main categories:

Building your resilience and increasing well-being:

  • Therapy and/or personal coaching to promote your psychological and emotional wellbeing as an individual and build up personal resilience for any challenges ahead.
  • Mediation to help people to repair unhealthy working relationships and facilitate greater understanding and collaboration.
  • Group workshops introducing attitudes, tools and approaches to promote resilience and wellbeing in the workplace.

Helping your progress towards your goals with momentum:

  • Coaching to bring out your best performance as an individual, team member, manager, or leader.
  • Group training for team cohesiveness, management effectiveness and world-class leadership.

Adding to your knowledge, skills and tools as a professional people-developer:

Whether you are a therapist, coach, trainer, facilitator, leader or manager, you can expand your repertoire of approaches to better support, inspire and positively influence others to thrive, personally and professionally.

See www.aha-success.co.uk for the full range of offerings from Tony and Julie at Academy of High Achievers Ltd

To hire us for coaching, training or keynote speaking including the concepts within ‘Pink Bucket Thinking’, please call one of us on our direct mobile numbers, Julie: +44(0)7989 991 056 or Tony: +44(0)7989 469 570 to discuss your specific development needs and desired outcomes. Or go to our contact page

We work with clients both nationally (UK) and globally … and virtually too!

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